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Oubari Group began its first step by establishing the first branch in Lebanon (Isco – Industrial Service Co.) It was founded in 1982 in Lebanon as a representative of textile machinery suppliers and expanded later to Jordan, Egypt and U.A.E. Headed by its Managing Director and Owner Mr. Tarek Al Oubari.

Oubari Group provides the market with Knitting, Circular, Weaving, Embroidery, Sewing, Laundry and Laser Cutting machines along with related spare parts and after sales service. Oubari – Gulf started as of February 2014 promoting and selling kitchen equipment for the hospitality industry.

The staff at Oubari Group are the most important and effective elements in the company. The employees contribute in surpassing the company achievement’s record and in driving the company to greater success.

In spite of staff various nationalities and different background, they are able to take advantage of each other’s strengths and work together as a true team. This is the result of our company development policy, which subjects employees to various training courses in terms of accounting, technical support, administration, sales, marketing and other specialized centre.

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Headquarter Address:Green Belt Road, P.O.Box: 8139, Sharjah –United Arab Emirates Phone:(06) 5325810

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No compromise on quality

June 6, 2018

Oubari  provides original spare parts and accessories and have a precise finish and fit to guarantee a lasting and reliable investment.

Quality delivers more flexibility

  • Customized solutions to meet your requirements
  • Smooth system performance
  • Guarantee for original parts
  • Rapid replacement in the event of defects

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