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  Oubari Group began its first step by establishing the first branch in Lebanon (Isco – Industrial Service Co.)


  It was founded in 1982 in Lebanon as a representative of textile machinery suppliers and expanded later to Jordan, Egypt and U.A.E. Headed by its Managing Director and Owner Mr. Tarek Al Oubari.


  Oubari Group provides the market with Knitting, Circular, Weaving, Embroidery, Sewing, Laundry and Laser Cutting  machines along with related spare parts and after sales service.


- Oubari-Egypt

  On April 11th 1996 it was registered under the Name of Khaphraa, which was modified on November 1st 2006.



- Oubari-Ismailia

  Started on January 1st 2008 as a branch of Emirates Garments which was established on December 9th 2007.



- Oubari-Jordan


  On July 31st 2002 it was registered in the duty free zone of HKJ under NR.229.



-   Oubari-Gulf


  Established in 1994 at the Jebel Ali Free Zone Dubai.


  In 1999, Oubari-Gulf was moved to Sharjah Airport International Free Zone, to serve its customers in a better way and to be close to the garment manufacturers in Sharjah and Ajman.


  In April 2002, Oubari-Gulf was relocated to their state-of-the-art showroom in Sharjah, which became the headquarters of the whole group in the region.


  In July 2012, due to the unfortunate political situation in Syria, our offices in Damascus and Aleppo has been shut down.


  The staff at Oubari Group are the most important and effective elements in the company. The employees contribute in surpassing the company achievements’ record and in driving the company to greater success. In spite of staff various nationalities and different background, they are able to take advantage of each other's strengths and work together as a true team.


  This is the result of our company development policy, which subjects employees to various training courses in terms of accounting, technical support, administration, sales, marketing and other specialized centre.


  The rigorous training given to most employees improves their knowledge and increases their overall work efficiency.


   Our commitment to success allows us to maintain great relationships with our suppliers and customers. Each office has the reputation of putting the customers’ interest first, as we consider their needs are top priority. This enthusiasm has led us to exhibit our products in an innovative manner, which allows our customers to fully benefit from demonstrations prior to purchase.